Why It’s Essential To Set Energetic Boundaries + Tips

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Protecting our space is a vital practice to show up in life with a full and open heart. I was thrilled when Maria accepted to share her wisdom on protecting our energy and setting vital boundaries. Enjoy her wisdom.

From a young age we learn how to navigate our physical world – with our tangible senses we learn how to care for ourselves and meet our needs to eat, drink, sleep. We learn how to take care of our physical bodies with exercise and how to keep it clean, brushing our teeth, brushing our hair, washing our bodies. We are taught how to take care of our external world, making our bed, washing the dishes, cleaning the floor.


We know the importance and value of cleanliness and taking care of ourselves with respect to what is tangible – yet we have forgotten how to access and care for the intangible world.


Beneath the surface of what meets the eye is a realm of energy that makes up the blueprint upon which our physical world is created.
Our physical body (and the wider natural world around us) is comprised of a vast, wise and elegant network of energetic systems that feed our physical body, emotional body, mental body and spiritual body. These energetic systems lend to our vitality, wellbeing, health, stability and resilience in what is becoming an increasing turbulent world.
And yet, we do not care for it (nor value it) in the same way that we do what is tangible.

We are struggling as a species and we need to tap into all of the resources we have at our disposal in order to shift from a state of fear and survival to one where we get to thrive and feel grounded, connected, strong and vital.
When both our energetic (intangible) and physical (tangible) needs are tended to, then our capacity to show up in our divine aspect of love, compassion and connection and in a state of wellness and vitality is infinitely increased.

Are you ready to dive in?

Just like there are many ways one can tend to the physical world, there are many ways to tend to the subtle energetic realms of your body – I am not offering you an exhaustive list, but rather practices that I find to be the most effective, tangible and easy to use.

Your first ‘line of defense’ with the external world is your energetic container – the Aura.
The aura is a cocoon-like filtration system that interacts with both the external world around you, and your internal world of thoughts, emotions and the physical and spiritual aspects of self. It begins within the skin and moves out approximately 3-4ft around you in all directions.

It is comprised of several layers that interact with another energy system – the chakras (spiralling vortexes of energy that align with the spine) to take in information and experiences, helping you to make sense of the world around you. It helps you to filter out what does not serve you and align you to what is in your best interest. It also helps to filter out both energetic and physical toxins, playing a role in your physical and emotional wellbeing (yes, even including your immune system).
Your aura is constantly taking in information and energies from others and the environment and like any filter, it can get clogged up, dirty, torn and damaged and needs to be regularly tended to. It can also become detached from you or can collapse, diminishing its ability to fully serve you.
You do not need to have any tangible awareness of your aura in order to clean, repair and maintain it – however, the more you interact with it, the more sensitive you become to it – you will begin to develop a sense of it and begin to understand how it communicates with you and what is needed in any given moment in order to restore balance.

Some symptoms of a ‘sluggish’ aura are: feeling overwhelmed, frazzled, anxious, fatigued (tired even when well rested), scattered, not knowing where you end and another person begins, over-giving and in more serious situations, consistently attracting situations with abusive power dynamics.

The good news is that shifting energy patterns is relatively simple – it may take some time for a new pattern to become fully rooted, but with consistent practice, you can shift from these less desirable experiences to a state of feeling, strong, resilient, grounded, clear, empowered and contained.

Here is a simple and powerful daily practice you can do to clear, repair and strengthen your aura. The more you use it, the stronger and more resilient your energetic boundaries will become. I suggest doing this practice in the morning and again at night for 2 weeks to create deep lasting change – after two weeks, keep it up as a daily practice once or twice a day or use as needed.

Make sure you download the PDF handout — Maria guides you through the follow exercises and offers additional techniques…Connecting Heaven and Earth…Crown Pull…Belt Flow.

Step 1: To Clear

Exercise: Connecting Heaven & Earth
From Standing – rub your hands together and bend the knees, as you straighten the legs take a deep breath in and reach one palm up to the sky and the other palm down to the earth, look up and hold your breath in while you stretch through the length of your body. Exhale and look down at your other hand.
Imagine you are bringing in healing, loving energy from up above and releasing any stagnant energy down through the other hand and releasing it into the earth to be composted.
Come back to your starting position and rub your hands together and repeat on the other side, stretching the other palm up to face the sky – breath in, look up – and the other palm faces down to face the earth – then exhale looking down.
Repeat one more time on each side.
Then bend forward, hang and take a couple of breaths and then with your hands roll a ball of energy towards you, roll back up through the spine to standing, bringing your hands up over head and then release them down.
Video reference with Donna Eden: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OcnjqlqsMQ

Step 2 – To Repair and Strengthen Exercise: Celtic Weave

From standing – rub your hands together and shake them off. Hold hands up on either side of the head next to your ears (about 3 inches away) – hold them here for several breaths. Pay attention to the sensation in your hands – you may notice heat building. After a few breaths you may notice a pulsing sensation in the palms of your hands – hold your hands here until you feel the pulsing sensation in the hands synchronize with each other (so that they are pulsing together) – if you do not notice this in your hands – do not worry – it is still working! It just takes time to start to sense the subtle energies in your body.
Now it is time to weave.
Making big figure eights with your arms and hands you cross them in front of you at the elbows and then back out again, cross them in from of you and back out again, doing this from top to bottom – you will come into a forward bend and back up again, weaving figure 8s all around you. There is no right or wrong – keep drawing and weaving figure 8s all around you until you feel complete.
Come back to standing.
Video Reference with Prune Harris: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eltP5i7Rrp4

Step 3 – To Lock It In

Exercise: The Zip Up
From Standing: take your hand and trace a line from your pubic bone up the centre line of your body to your lips, imagine you are ‘locking’ the energy in by pretending to turn a key in a lock with your hand at your lips.
Then do the same on your spine – start at the tail bone, tace a line up your spine with your hand as high as you can reach, then use your other hand to reach up and over to ‘pick up’ the energy line and trace it up over the top of your head, down the centre of your face to your lips and ‘lock it in’ (pretending to turn a key in a lock).
Think of this as zipping up a winter jacket when you go out into a snow storm – you want to protect yourself from the elements to keep you safe and contained.
Video Reference with Titanya Dahlin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YdDoGL8_DU

Other tools:

Selenite Crystal
Selenite is a wonderful crystal to have with you – unlike most crystals it is self-cleansing, you do not need to cleanse it after working with it. You can simple move the crystal all around your body and back and forth through the layers of the aura to help clean the aura of energies that do not serve you. You can also keep a selenite crystal next to your bed, in your car and with you at work.
Meditation and Visualization
If you a fan of meditation and breathwork, then this is a great option for you.

Sitting or lying down, bring your hand to your belly. As you inhale allow your belly to expand and as you exhale allow your belly to relax and soften. Slow your breath down and begin to deepen it. Focus on the physical movement of the inhale and exhale.

Imagine a ball of light forming in the centre of your belly – radiant energy that expands with every breath. As you inhale the ball of light expands and as you exhales imagine sending it out through the layers of your aura to clean and clear any and all disturbances in your field. Do this for as long as feels right for you, trusting your intuition. As you work with this meditation and develop a relationship with your aura you may notice where the disturbances are located, different colors or other intuitive guidance given to you to work with your energy body.

If you enjoy working with spiritual beings, during this meditation and visualization you can also call in ArcAngel Michael to assist you – simply call upon this Divine Being of Light – for example you can say: “ArcAngel Michael, please come to me now to clear, repair and strengthen my aura. Please assist me in creating strong and resilient energetic boundaries for myself” – continue with the same process as above.

Maria Seraphina Kurylo is a Certified Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner and Priestess (Healer, Mystic,Teacher & Guide).
She works both on-line and in person, with groups and in 1:1 sessions. Maria works with those who are seeking to live a heart -and-soul aligned life and would like support on their journey. Her work is a combination of energy medicine healing, light language activations and spiritual guidance.
You can contact her through her website at: www.mariakurylo.com or via facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MariaSeraphinaWisdomKeeper/


PDF Daily Energy Routine to Cleanse the Aura

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