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Visualization To Clear The Womb


May this visualization provide your with the remembrance of your highest powers and truest sense of Feminine light.

Clearing my emotional womb on a regular basis preserves its sacred space from being inhabited by the past and by previous partners.

We see for ourselves a crimson red bowl at the bottom of our womb space. We place our attention on our lower belly space by placing both our hands on our abdomen, mentally drawing the shape of a crimson red bowl supporting our pelvic cavity.

All these years, our dear womb has supported the weight of our emotional upheavals, violations, abandonment, and neglect. It has carried the weight of our heartbreaks and self-denial into its honorable, sacred space but we have come to a place in our lives where our womb can no longer receive any more love from ourselves and from our beloved. It feels full of shame and tension. It is no longer at home with itself and it feels contrite from its bottom up.

Now, we welcome into the forefront of our mind all the past lovers, partners, husband(s), relatives, friends, strangers who have inflicted shame, violence, fear, severity, and perhaps ferocity to our body, to our womb. We are finally ready to release these individuals as we visualize their names written one-by-one in black letters on white labels. We see these names falling at the bottom of our womb bowl. We take our time with this process as today we are giving ourselves the gift of freedom and the rebirth of our Feminine power. From this day forward, our attention and desire to love will be determined by our present power rather tan than the pull of our past. The gravity of our hurtful stories will no longer hold us down to self-pity, self-shame, and withdrawals from love itself.

Now, we see a small white light at the center of the scarlet concave vessel that is our womb and that light begins to expand and shine away all the names present in the concave space. We let all the emotions associated with these individuals be present as well to release them and reclaim the territory of our intimate womb. This is the luminous center of our Feminine presence and now it can begin to glow again with the light that creates universe and that is more fierce than anyone who has tried to keep us small, down, and shamed.

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