The Story of a Philofem Contributor: How Celery Juice Changed my Life


Miracle cure or simply the best natural energy booster you can find?

In the world of self-help meets spirituality meets nutrition, there is a great deal of information out there about what can be helpful to heal. Trust me, I’ve tried most of them! It wasn’t until I stumbled upon celery juice that I found what I was looking for in my health routine- and I was blown away.

Just after my dad had passed from Leukemia almost two years ago my body hit rock bottom. The trauma kicked up illnesses lying dormant I didn’t know I had. I had sinus related symptoms that were exacerbated ten fold and chronic fatigue. Yes, some of these were related to grief, but I knew that my body was craving something beyond antibiotics.

In years prior I would have reached for the antibiotics and called it good. The antibiotics and kind caring words from my doctor never failed me. But I felt like something else had to change.

What I felt and many others feel is a shift that is starting to take place in the United States. In addition to the sound advice from pharmacists and doctors, people are also looking for ways to heal for good from mystery symptoms. The story in the United States is becoming one of not food vs. doctor, but integrating food with medicine or supplements- and the hope of some day possibly coming off medications entirely. The conversation that more and more people are having is how we can integrate food choices that bring healing while also receiving care from our medical team?

I decided to take a leap and try out the celery juicing I’d been hearing about on Instagram from Medical Medium Anthony William and the benefits amazed me. I began cultivating a newfound vibrancy for life. However, many spiritual paths will tell us that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. While other teachings say we are not our bodies. So does eating a certain way not really matter? Whatever path, it comes down to if we are being kind and giving ourselves what we need. The healing I found with celery juice has felt incredibly calming and grounding- it nurtures me each day.

I noticed that the loads of coffee I used to drink made me feel anxious and like I was always in a rush to get out of the moment. With celery juice, I feel more me, more in the now, and more centered to make sound decisions. Although I definitely miss the taste of coffee, I’m grateful for the benefits celery juice has given me.

When I started drinking celery juice by Anthony, I had been eating in a way that he recommends in his first book: “Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How To Finally Heal”. I had incorporated key staple foods like wild blueberries, cilantro, garlic, oranges, and bananas. I felt very supported by eating the foods he recommended, but when I added the celery juice it really helped bring things together. My brain fog completely went away and my mood stabilized. I felt balanced in my energy throughout the day and just generally more happy. It helped heal my gut and I noticed a balanced sense of wellbeing. This stuff is so good, he even wrote a whole book on it where he goes into the many health benefits of celery juice.

The controversial position people have with Anthony is the fact that he channels Spirit for his information. But I’m seeing more and more doctors try his advice and they are amazed with their patients’ ability to heal. We can also ask ourselves, what am I more bothered by? A man who channels information that is healing millions, or the fact that there is so much misinformation on how to heal that is being circulated? If we look at the information that is passed down about health, some of it was purely made out of guessing. People are ready for answers and to heal.

The advice offered about drinking celery juice has changed my life and countless others. If you’re interested in healing mystery health symptoms and giving it a try the information on how to juice celery is below.

Directions for a juicer:
Buy one large head of celery from your local grocery store
Cut off both ends of the celery, cut in half and remove the leaves
Slowly juice a handful of celery in the juicer
Watch the line on your container for 16 oz. and juice more if necessary.

Directions for a blender:
Buy a nut bag online or at your grocery store (can also use lingerie bag!)
Buy one large head of celery from your local grocery store
Cut off both ends of the celery and remove the leaves
Chop into small enough pieces to blend
Strain in the nut bag over a container to catch juice
*Measure out 16 oz. in a measuring container until familiar with amount
Pour container into glass

Best if enjoyed on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.


For more information and a list of mystery symptoms connected to healing with celery juice visit

Kalen Olson



Kalen Olson is a Spiritual & Holistic Counselor, specializing in healing meditations for those wishing to tap into their intuition more deeply. She’s passionate about working with people to realize their truth- no matter their background and life experiences. She lives in Portland, OR and has sessions with clients remotely and in person. To find out more visit her website at or her Instagram @kalenolson.

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