Diary,  Lyna

The Patriarchy May Have Won In Alabama But It Is Losing Ground

Art courtesy of Debora Szpilman



And the recent belt of anti-abortion laws is the proof of it. On Tuesday night, the Alabama Senate passed a bill that would make performing any abortions a felony offense. The bill has no exceptions, not even for rapes and incest cases.

The draconian *pro-life* (not really pro-life because they only want to control what happens in utero but refuse to change the gun laws and healthcare bills that would save lives post-utero) bills that have ravaged our nation were never about protecting life. It was and is about controlling women. It is about patriarchal ideologies trying to survive and hold onto any petty power they can grab before being dissolved in history.

As I tried to recenter myself in the quiet place of my heart, I move up the levels of my perception building to gain traction in wisdom and inner sight.

How can you lead your own, quiet, individual revolutions in your own life?
When justice evaporates right in front of you, how can you stand even firmer as a guardian of justice in your own corner of the world?
How can you protect life, earth, the innocents, the wounded even more in your own circle and existence?
The call has been sent in your souls dearest daughters of the Goddess, to call you to find your center of justice and truth, to embody the deepest principles of the original Goddess. The great divine feminine matrix that never left the ether but that was forbidden and estranged from your realms for a very long time.

Pull the strength and unstoppable love of the Divine Mother from the ether into your hips, your heart, your anger, your thirst for justice and freedom, your breasts and your bosom that is boiling for love. Allow pained compassion to grab your ankles and keep you in this world, to keep you anchored in balance when old ideologies want to pull you apart from your soul.
Your power of choice is the holder of your freedom.
Do not let the beliefs of others slow down your evolution. The patriarchy is still grabbing at the little power it has left but imagine a world where the patriarchal system has become history. Where every single individual carries an inner world of compassion and care for every form of life. Do your emotional work to release toxins from your heart and mind on a regular basis to keep yourself clear as a pristine river to ground more of the sacred feminine in your inner state.


“As the Feminine principle rises higher and higher, so will its shadow grow. It is important to keep that awareness alive as we evolve towards a more egalitarian society where women’s rights become full-on human rights.”


That’s why it is so important for us women to ground ourselves in what the values of the Feminine: fierce compassion, unity, connectivity, justice, flexibility, connection to spirit and nature, empathy, healing the split between the intellect and the feeling nature, trusting our instincts, using our voice and stories as vitamin pills that heal and encourage, trusting in an evolutionary vision, receptivity to pain, wisdom instead of material accumulation.

Not to lose our heart-based equilibrium in the chaotic shifts that are currently unfolding.

The patriarchy is gasping for air and we are recovering the air stolen from our wombs for the past 2,000 years. They can feel it in their bones just as our foremothers lost power over their bodies, inside out for too many centuries.


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