Starting Points

Grounding Pillars

The Grounding Pillars of the Philofem Initiative


I founded Philofem because I believe that we have the inborn right to author our own lives as women. That in order to fulfill our true potential, we must have hard conversations about what keeps us away from our true self and the place we are meant to occupy in the world as individuals.

In these times of drastic chances, it is a privilege to be alive now — especially as women.

At Philofem, we believe that Feminism is the empowerment of women to find the inner and outer freedom to author their own lives. It’s not about taking our power back because we are bitter (although that too) but because we can no longer afford to waste our life force towards unproductive resentment against the patriarchy. We have risen to the next stage: rising to our power in ways that our foremothers couldn’t.


Every woman is a powerhouse

Every single woman is a pure world of potential. Some of us have had a rough start in life and that rocky beginning was the refiner’s fire we needed to get to our gold. We are manifestations of the moving universe and we contain what we need to succeed, to feel fulfilled, to create our own existence within ourselves.
Deep, compassionate inner work.
As women, we honor our cycles. We let our cycles reveal our hidden mysteries and we trust the places where they take us. Our body goes through cycles just as the Earth moves through cycles for very specific, healing purposes. We move with the sacred flows; not against them. We regard our inner world as a valley where we replenish ourselves. A place where we deposit our great suffering and our calloused emotions. There, we meet with the best part of ourselves that can soothe us with love, compassionate understanding, and we leave judgment aside as we enter our inner places.


Shimmery women stories

Telling one’s own story is a deeply spiritual act. Our personal stories represent the fabric our identity. They reveal our fragilities, our strength, the beauty of our soul and its spine of fortitude and deep wisdom.


Generous connections

We are generous in our listening when we connect with ourselves and others. Spaciousness is a gift that moves us to flourish and to grow more love. We are generous with the time we give ourselves to heal and let go. As we deepen into our commitment to become loyal to ourselves, to our humanity, and connecting with the best pieces of ourselves in the process.


Candid support

We support each other. We grow in the bond of sisterhood instead of falling into the scarce rabbit hole of competitive jealousy. We honor that every path is unique: we are not born to fit into the same map of life.



Change is non-linear and complex. As empowered women, we take full responsibility for our own experience of life and then we act accordingly. The blame exchange, although may feel good at first and is part of the natural healing process, does not cure our pain. We move through the climates of pain and responsibility to take our power back and heal into the present moment.

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