Starting Points

Philofem: The Manifesto

Or the case for equality.

I want to share our vision for women and the world at Philofem. I hope this manifesto will continue to give us roots to grow from in our collective efforts to heal the Feminine principle on our planet, thus bringing healing to all of life.


  • Feminism is the belief that women ought to be equal to men in rights, freedom, and power in society. It is the extension of women’s rights to reach that equality in the arenas of justice, economics, politics, and social ideology.
  • The emancipation of all women is necessary to achieve complete equality between men and women.
  • The Masculine and Feminine are complimentary in their strengths. One is not superior to the other.
  • The equal and full participation of women in all spheres of life in the world is essential for the harmony of all life.
  • The systematic denial of women’s rights is an affront to human dignity and divinity. Such an attitude promotes destructive attitudes and reactions that become passed onto all branches of society, ultimately destroying life around itself.
  • Without equality, humanity will not be able to establish social justice and global peace.
  • The denial of equality between men and women lead to violence, the denial of basic human rights and education, and it turns women into a sub-category of humanity.
  • The oppression of woman oppresses the existence of compassion towards life.
  • The unwillingness of men to take responsibility for equality will remain an impediment to the global shifts that need to occur to restore balance in the world and heal its violent ways.
  • The elimination of discrimination against girls and women is a moral, spiritual, and social imperative.

Onward women!


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