My Natural Rose Facial Oil Recipe

Photo by Lyna Jones


When I lived in Provence and started to tune into my Feminine essence, I started making my own face oils and masks from natural ingredients. Something magical had been sparked from within me as I felt that deep, effervescent need to return to wholesome living, a way of living that respected the cycles of nature, including my cosmetics. I REVELED in picking organic roses, letting them dry and then soak in organic oils that were made in Provence. Those were of the happiest moments of my life. Both my heart and skin glowed with the light of the Provence and its Feminine love.

I still get asked the recipe so I want to share with you here.

About a month ago, I began to make my own face oil out a desire to infuse integrity into my skin, my bloodstream, and my body.

I worked in the cosmetics industry for 15 years and I learned, experienced so much with the beautiful products I got to experience; I remember feeling a desire to use organic cosmetics only a few years back but it didn’t stick because my intentions beneath that desire were not core-deep.

Since living in Provence, I have began to reconcile my life with the gifts of Mother Nature and with my Feminine and it seems that everything in me has been screaming for integrity of ingredients and authentic nourishment.

I’ve felt a deep calling to nourish myself in the most natural possible whenever possible (I don’t intend on going OCD no worries) so I’ve been having loads of fun making my own face oils. I made a few rose oils before concocting the perfect blend that keeps my skin uber radiant without the stickiness or the residue that lasts days.

For my rose facial oil, I use the following:

– 1oz (organic) Sweet Almond Oil

– 1oz (organic) Apricot Kernel Oil

– 1/2oz (organic) glycerin

– About 1 cup of dried Damascus Rose petals (I get mine from my local herbalist)

– Love.

I mix all the ingredients in a clean glass jar and I place the jar in a pan with a few inches of water and heat on low heat for about 30 minutes. Then, I let the jar seat in the water for a couple more hours and place my jar of oil in a dark cupboard for 3 weeks.



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