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Meditation for a First Date


Prayer + Visualization For Confidence On A First Date

Dear Creator,

I feel a deep insufficiency surging through me as I prepare myself to meet this new individual.

I have already crafted an ecstatic a future with this person and I know that my imagination is moving faster than the speed of life.

I can’t seem to shake off the allure of the white knight who will sweep me off my cynical feet.

My swelling heart is erecting a scaffolding of perfection to present a shiny, polished, untarnished version of myself.

I feel the nervous wings of apprehension flapping through my heart and I am losing control over my common sense.

A haze of self-criticism has fallen upon my nervous brows and I only see the stains on my body and my soul.

The tension in my core, dear Creator, calls for the glass of your grace to fill me with trust in the pages you have scribed for me.

Make my fears collapse into stellar confidence.

May my internal elixir of love flush all thoughts of control.

Love me so that I may show up on this date with no agenda other than bringing unselfish love and honest curiosity.

May my surrender of all outcomes open the path for the love that will walk into my life when it is due.

May the mass of your love become my strength, in this and in all my upcoming endeavors.

I release the denouement of this encounter into the fusion of your will.

And so it all is,


Visualization to surrender the outcome of a first date –

Turn to your inner world and reconnect to your body by taking a few deep inhales through your nose and releasing out the mouth. Fill your belly with the gift of your breath with each deep inhale. This connection will support you as you return to the truth of who you are right now and invite the healing force of life to enter you.

Visualize your date standing in front of you in the space overlooking the Earth.

As you stand in front of one another, your respective inner lights gradually grow in brightness, and extend beyond you until you are surrounded by a brilliant cocoon. Your respective beauty and strength become magnified through your union bathed in light. Now visualize your date moving farther and farther away, until no longer visible to your outer eyes.

Yet the respect, light, benevolence you share still joins you. Your beloved has gone into the faraway depths of the Universe, escaping all toxic attachments. Only love is left inside of you now. You know that the Universe will preserve the love between you both if it is meant to grow into deep love. You feel at ease, lighter, and freed from the fear of not being enough. You catch you breath and you are filled with hope in the future. Your power has returned and no longer care what come out of the encounter. You know that you authentic self is enough and that your light is all that is needed at the moment. You choose to shine inwardly.  Your heart is basking in confidence and you feel unstoppable.

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