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Healing The Divine Feminine by Anne Baring Part II

Photo by Marion Colombani

The Healing Power of the Feminine

Thanks to television, we have a far greater awareness of the suffering of people all over the world. We participate through witnessing and empathizing with the suffering of people remote from ourselves. Wherever the call for compassion goes out, there is the voice of the heart, the voice of the Feminine.

The focus of the Feminine is on the ethical values that have been obscured, marginalized or incompletely developed during the solar age. These values can never be recovered by force or even by strident demand. They can only emerge as human consciousness changes and facilitates their emergence.

As a new cultural impulse, the rise of the Divine Feminine is putting us in touch with the deep sources of our psychic life, drawing up from these depths the living waters which nourish and sustain the soul. It is encouraging people to overcome patterns of subservience established for millennia, helping them to throw off their bondage to oppressive autocratic leaders and establish democratic governments which serve their hopes for a better life. It is freeing women from centuries of oppression, enforced silence and virtual slavery.


The Voice of Women


Photo by Emma Tempest

The answer to the question “What do women really want” – asked by Freud early in the last century – is that women want themselves and their families to live in freedom from fear, from hunger and destitution, from oppression, violence, torture and rape.

The world needs to hear the voice of hundreds of millions of women from every nation.

Education and contraception have transformed the lives of millions of women yet countless millions of others, through destitution, prejudice or tribal custom, have no access to either. These live in abject poverty, victims of the brutality and neglect of men, used as sexual objects and (in Africa in particular) infected with AIDS by their husbands and partners. They struggle to keep themselves and their children alive from day to day, are forced into prostitution through poverty, paid miserable wages that barely sustain them and their children and are unable to express their distress or find witnesses who will speak up for them. Even in so-called advanced societies with a high standard of living, domestic violence blights the lives of millions of women. Wherever there is war, rape is used as a devastating weapon against them. Trafficking destroys the lives of millions of others. Where there is carnage and devastation, as in war torn Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Syria and Iraq, women and children bear the brunt of it. The plight of all these suffering women and their children is intolerable in a world where communications are increasingly easy, where the pitiable condition of women and their children can be seen on television, where wealth and medical expertise exist which could alleviate the suffering of so many.

Matthew Arnold, the philosopher and poet, declared that if ever there would be a time when women would come together purely and simply for the benefit of mankind, it would be a power such as the world has never known.
Woman through her struggle to articulate the highest values of the feminine principle, will begin to make the moon shine so that it can balance the solar brightness of our present consciousness. In recognizing her depression, her suffering, her longing to outgrow the subservience and powerlessness of her past and present experience, in recognizing and supporting her deepest values, she may accomplish something truly heroic and extraordinary for life and the planet, something that humanity in centuries to come will celebrate. For this reason, nothing is of such importance as woman’s rescue of herself.

The recovery of the Divine Feminine may be the key to the transformation of our world culture from regression into mass uniformity, banality and brutality into something longed for and extraordinary.


The resurgence of the Divine Feminine is reflected in these different initiatives:

  • A growing sense of responsibility towards planetary life.
  • An awareness that we participate in a living universe.
  • A recognition of the inter-dependence and relatedness of aspects of life.
  • A conscious effort to heal the soul/mind/body split.
  • A growth of insight into where we are still controlled by unconscious complexes
  • The emergence of a different quality of relationship between men and women.
  • A growing awareness of the suffering and needs of children
  • An awareness that we need to treat all species with respect and compassion.

To conclude this powerful essay on the Feminine, I will leave you with these questions to ponder and discuss below. They may even become a theme for women’s circles and gathering:

How do we recover our lost sense of being part of something totally sacred?
How do we develop respect and compassion for the life of the earth in all its forms?3. How do we find ways of meeting the deepest needs of the human heart for love, relatedness and connection?

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