Goddess Isis Visualization


This is a powerful visualization to connect with the archetypal energy of the Goddess Isis. I suggest that you read the visualization several times before either laying down with a blanket over you, slow down your breathing for 2 to 3 minutes and close your eyes. You can also practice the visualization sitting down.


“I remember the day I met the Goddess Iset herself. I had dreaded and dreamt of that day eons before that elevated initiation.

The sun was about to set and there was a line of initiates in front of me. We were all waiting our turn to walk up to the Goddess to receive a ray of her essence. We had been waiting for a long time for this initiation as it marked the graduation of our third year as Priestess initiates. We knew we would carry her ray forever, if we passed and received her grace. We were waiting in our white garbs, with our beloved rusted golden snake cuff around our right arm, a symbol of our lineage.

We had lotus flowers resting upon our heads, dripping in precious oil made from jasmine and roses, it melted on our faces and we didn’t even care, it came down our shoulders and we let it melt for its substance would diffuse the energy of Iset herself. And it was a personal offering that she would notice. It made our skin shine and glisten under the golden glow of Ra that was about to set behind the desert hills.

Finally, the great Goddess arrived. She arrived from the skies, with her immense wings expanded as she landed in the center of the courtyard in the back of our temple. Her eyes were lined in intense black kohl and her hair was like a dazzling onyx. She was wearing an emerald green silk robe that went over one shoulder. Her skin was gold and deeply tan. It glistened with gold specks and her arms were slender. She wore her serpent in front of her Horus eye, which I felt was staring at me as I walked up to the great Isis herself.

I was the next one in line and demons were racing in my head. What if I hadn’t been worthy? What if she saw through my soul and burnt my ka right there in front of everyone? Every possible fear was passing through my agitated mind. I was trying to keep my hands clasped together but the sweat made it unbearable.

I kept my gaze down as I walked towards her, trying to keep my shoulder back and afraid that she might see my soul and its dark climates.

I arrived in front of her and I fall in my knees and press my forehead on the floor, awaiting her judgment. She stared down at me. I could feel her stare and its pressure on my solar plexus. The Goddess Iset could see into anyone’s soul and she could heal its ailments. She would stare into your eyes and your body would freeze as she scanned your interior world and you felt a burning mists inside you.

She bends over me and she expands her wings of righteousness around me. They feel heavy and airy. Warm and humid. They are so large that they could easily enfold two women.
I await my sure destruction or at least a demolition of my darkness. Instead, from the corner of my eyes, I see a soft tube of gold and soft pink light coming from her feathers, hovering over me, scanning my insides and purging all that does not support my ka and my calling as the Shepherdess.

My head starts to tickle a bit and my heart feels like it is about to implode with joy. She blessed me with courage, with the remembrance of my female strength, and the jewels that dressed the interior of my soul.”

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