Heal,  Lyna

A Letter To All Women Who Have Faced Rejection


(A letter from the Goddess to you)

Dear holy one,

You can only cut that attachment with a love that is deeper than your own ego.

The love that reminds us that we are only one and that allows you to remember the pain of separation.

The cut you feel in your heart is your ego pushing him away from your heart because your attachment to him is too painful.

What does your ego want you to do?

Push him away and insult him?

Blame him for the Love you are meant to give yourself first and foremost?

Punish him because you turned him into an idol forgetting that you are the glorious presence of love in your life?

Your ego wants you to make him yours and control him, but the part of you that is eternal knows that it’s not bound by limits. It knows that love does not punish and it does not control.
The Goddess in you knows that its essence is a natural magnet and it needs to do nothing but steep in its own light.

It is the ego part of you that wants to severe all sentiments of love but this is an assignment of love integration.

The only way through this lesson is to transform your wounded rejection with unconditional love — not to push it away.

What is the part of you that is so afraid of its own love?

The resurfacing of old wounds and self-deprecation are very good for your own healing. The same assignment will keep coming back and at some point you will stop running from love because love is what you are. You will stop running back into your lonely shell to let love take over for you. It will mold you into the Queen you are meant to be if you allow your heart to be open to the Universe.

The Feminine, the Goddess part of you doesn’t push love away — She brings Her highest presence into the folds of Her fears and blesses Her own resistance with even more love.

She stands above the cloudy drama of her ego as a crowned vessel of light and She tames her fears with perfect compassion towards Herself.

She KNOWS Her deepest truth is this: She is the bravest woman alive and She has been called to walk loveless roads to repave them with her presence.

She invites a glistening robe of compassion to enfold her self-doubts and she is committed to standing tall in the face of initiations.

The Feminine heart in you lowers Her gaze and with her gentle touch, she offers rays of confidence and self-acceptance. The presence of the Goddess within your womb offers you a place to relax…to unpack all the suffocating corners of your heart that stubbornly stand against the love you already have in you.

At last, as you return home to you, the wound relinquishes a divine elixir of wisdom and relief throughout your body. The all-encompassing peace fills every cell of your body and that peace shines you as a dove flying in the bluest of skies. Hope begins to shine within your mind and the external world reflect your most secret hopes.

Another man enters your life, a new job pulls you out of the old, and new friends come along.

The old void begins to fill with a burning excitement about life is about to deliver miracles today as a result of your divine surrender into love.

The Feminine soft spot in you melts into the love for the man who rejected you, bows to his light, and sets him free.

In the name Her soul, the Goddess in you now dances at the perimeter of her light, carefree and unbound, at last.

When you return home to the worth of your being, everything opens up for you dear daughter of the Goddess.

Come rest in me and remember that you are the source of all creation.

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