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Artist Feature: How Art is Born by Karly Ann Razo


Art is the means by which we realize that there is a Divine spark within us.

To create something seemingly from nothing, out of thin air, from the substance of that which is merely an idea, we demonstrate that we were truly made in the image and likeness of our maker.

Making art is spiritual to me, religious. As necessary to me as food, drink, and the air that I breathe. It is the means through which I am able to navigate my inner world, capture my experiences and emotions. My work is never forced and always organic, real. I do not have an agenda as creating is a necessary function of my soul, if my work touches you then I know I’ve done my job.

Everything is drawn by hand, and I tend to leave the little flaws and imperfections as this is what makes my art human in an age of digital obsession and perfection. As far as the creative process goes I simply live my life and wait for God to give me the idea for the next piece and then I begin promptly. It’s not something I like to force. Each idea is like a pregnancy of the mind, developing over time, it is important for me not to try to execute the piece prematurely but rather wait and trust the process.

Art by Karly Ann Razo

This is how my art is birthed. I believe that God works through each and every one of us and so I give all credit to him, for I am merely a channel for his works.

Karly Ann was born and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles. She has been involved in the arts scene her entire life. Find more of her work on

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