The Ancient Priestess: The Sacred Work of Emotional Healing


Dearest daughter,

I write this with the tears of hope and the light of Ra to guide the heart of my future generations. Know, dear daughter, that it will take years to master the energies and inner mastery I achieved in the temple and beyond. Remember this above all: do not rush yourself and your learnings. Your integration must remain under the charge of your spirit and soul.
Do not let fear be the guide in this sacred process. The evolution of your soul depends on it. Come back to humility when fear knocks on your heart and know your ancestors are with you.

Emotional clearing was an integral part of the ancient priestess path.

The true path of the priestess was service first. Service for the Divine to better love and heal the people who needed it. The priestess healed herself first until she was absolutely clear from emotional debris and volatile fears. She mastered mystical and emotional tools to clear through her emotions because she knew she had to keep her inner world clear of hindrances, to keep the Sacred powers moving through her. We learned very early on in the temple that everything was interconnected. That the wings of a hawk affected the wind on top of the pyramids. We knew that our emotional field was our currency with others and the forces of the universe.

The priestess never used her title for attention and special favors. She used her inner knowledge to truly serve and heal first and foremost. She constantly checked her ego and brought it back into her heart when it ran away from her inner gaze. She did not scream from the rooftop that she was a priestess…no her daily embodiment was sufficient for her: it was a potent invisible circle of magnetic power that was felt without words.

She became the embodied divine so she no longer needed the label, and the ego-full trail it created. When priestesses would use their title for ego purposes, it only meant they needed to do more inner work: their ego still had a strong hold over their spirit.
The high priestess in-training spent intimate and long durations of time with herself dealing with her inner demons and did not stop until she felt complete with her own process.

Sometimes she would stay in her temple chambers for days for healing resolution.
The High Priestesses did not want to let that energy out in the world. They knew too well they were completely responsible for their emotional field, and how it affected their surroundings and community.

The initiates were taught to stay in close relationship with their emotions so that they wouldn’t stray too far into the energetic field of another being. Their teachers would check their emotional field to see if they were complete with their work.
They wouldn’t move onto the next level until their emotions were back to wholeness and fully integrated.

Service. Humility. Profound devotion to the world of Spirit came first.
Their daily dedication to healing their own fields to keep their nervous system clean and clear enabled them to be true conduits of light, energy, and power.

It was not about the clothes, the golden trinkets, the titles, being seen and admired.
It was about the deepest and most mystical work possible to heal the womb and the mantel of this world.

Now, let me share a bit on what our days looked like.

We were taught discipline to bend the ego and wire discipline into our inner field. That was an important cornerstone of personal mastery.

In the morning, we woke up to goat milk, figs, and fresh fruits next to our bed. We walked down the stone-lined hallways of the temple before Ra woke up from His nest.

We would go into a common swimming pool in the lower part of the temple, lit up with torches and the leading priestesses were waiting along the marble lined pools with white linen robes. It was dark and holy. The hot and humid was almost stifling but were were held in the purity of the Goddess — present everywhere.

We cleansed ourselves before learning and doing the rites of the day.

The pools held very thick sea salt, “divine salt” and although it didn’t feel comfortable at first, we came out of the water feeling refreshed and renewed. Every single day. Our body hair was removed with sharp stones and then we were oiled to receive the pure light and let the pure light shine through us. The new day was a gift of Ra and we learned to appreciate and endow every moment with the humble gifts of presence, humble hearts, and sacred embellishment.

After the bathing, we would leave the temple to go outside and do some physical exercises to move remnants of energy around before returning to the inner temple — where a high priest taught us the works of the Universe and where we were located among the stars.

We were taught astronomy to understand the cosmos.
We knew planets pulled currents of energy and so we were taught to work with and within these strings and current of energy. It was important to understand the world in order to understand humanity and ourselves. By looking at a map of the cosmos, we felt so small. We realized the great power of the Father and yet, we also felt comforted by how everything is supported by universal laws. The more we learned about the cosmos, the more we remembered and realized that everything was already aligned and organized according to sacred laws that could not be bent. So we were taught the intricacies of these laws to move matter around, to re-create life and bring life back from death.

We were so clear and clean during these years in the temple. We would never quite go back to that state but it was always something we strived for, to go back to that state of inner and outer.

There was a quiet joy running through the hallways of the temple. We were all so grateful to be there. We knew how privileged we were to be taught at such a high level and we also knew the responsibility it carried. We would never be the same and our lives would never turn back to the mundane ever again. Not after experiencing such depths in the world.

We did a lot of water rituals. Water was not as benign as you treat it nowadays. We learned its power and how it could carry higher frequencies to heal. Water was a spiritual portal and we honored it as such.
We learned to co-exist with mother nature with great reverence rather than with a coercive force that wanted to master it. We knew Mother Nature would retrieve its balance at some point.

Our leading priestess continuously taught us how to create, maintain, and restore balance inside our bodies and outside our bodies. The heart was to remain the innermost center of balance at all time or else we would risk the ego taking over our thinking and our field.
Balance within ourselves and outside of ourselves was a pillar of truth for us at the temple. We were taught how to build and preserve balance.
Balance is a law and it must be respected or the forces of the universe will restore it if we do not.

I remember the first time the high priestess took me through my fears. I was a new initiate back then and I was full of fear and also intoxicated with excitement. She took me through each of my fear and she took my mind to that place in space and time. I traveled there with the stars, almost as if I were back there. On the rocks when a man tried to push himself onto me. Or when I wanted to learn the Torah but got in trouble with my uncle.

Then, she asked me “where are your fears taking you? Show me. Let’s go there together.” Then she would come with me and walk me through the moment when the fear was born into my body. She held my hand and guided my thoughts. She unwrapped it and twisted it until its charge was gone from my body. It became a ghost. The fear was no longer. That was magic and I wanted to learn how to do that on my own.
Her wisdom has remained with me as a precious vase I carry in my heart forever.

She said,

“The Heart is the center of our spiritual anatomy. Humanity has lost its way to its own heart, it no longer beats with love but with destruction. As you teach each individual to function and live from the true heart center, their ka will evolve and they will become true lights of humanity. They will become whole in all their parts and their balance will inform the changes that need to appear in the world. But we must look into the heart to cleanse the dust and fumes of fear.
Clear the atmosphere of your heart by measuring how many years you have lived outside of your own heart, standing guard over your own heart and soul. Kept closed and tight, no light was ever able get in deeply enough to transform into a universe of pure light, dear daughter.”

The higher heart is the place in you where more love can be produced, where more love from on high can drip into the lower heart and the body.

— The Sayings of Mariamne Nephtys

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