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An Interview With a Mary Magdalene Researcher



When women come to me for recommendations on books written about Mary Magdalene, I always recommend Rituals in Sacred Stones written by Wencke Braathen. Wencke Johanne Braathen has spent over 30 years researching the Apostle of Apostles and her book is my favorite novel on Mary. I always feel transported into the world of Mary Magdalene and the early Jesus movement when I read it.

I spent a year in Provence to study Mary Magdalene Wencke remains my go-to teacher when it comes to Mary, Her life, and Her teachings.

I asked Wencke some questions about Mary and what She would want us to know today!

Lyna: What are the main tenets of Her teachings?

Wencke: The true meaning of Namaste; The divine spark in me recognizes the divine spark in you, and everything in creation is alive. Her education taught her to live in tune with the seasons and nature and to honor the solstices and equinoxes for humans to recognize their place in the Universe. It is a technique to plug in, not to control the powers around you, but to work with them. Plugging into nature and all the forces that function within that tremendous system, gives you ways to bring balance and healing to what you focus on. You get there by honoring nature wherever you are, doing simple rituals and by living in gratitude for all that is.

Lyna: How were they different/same from the teachings of Jesus?

Wencke: She was trained in the old mystery schools where they taught healing herbs and the energy paths of the body. She had a profound understanding of the potential of the human body with its sophisticated nervous system capable of spiritual evolution beyond the comprehension of everyday people. Spiritual evolution becomes a visceral experience as our awakening in consciousness is anchored in our physical bodies.

Jesus was trained in the old scriptures at the temple of Onais in the desert west of Heliopolis. He knew the old interpretations of the Hebrew knowledge, which had become corrupted at the temple in Jerusalem. That’s why he surprised all the rabbis with his wisdom; he knew the older, more profound ways that dated back to Abraham and Moses. He also knew what she was teaching, but to anchor this wisdom in your body, you need the balance between man and woman. The two of them lived the wisdom through their bodies.

Lyna: What did her daily spiritual practice look like?

Wencke: I can only guess. But I would think it would involve a time of silent meditation to again plug into the vast universal field of all potential. Then maybe a smaller ritual to honor her teachers and her non-physical guides. And even her food intake would be food that would strengthen her physique for the task at hand. So much of what she did demanded energy flowing through her body and through the people she worked with. She would need to be strong and balanced to do her work.

Lyna: Mary Magdalene is the woman the most mentioned in the Gospel after dear Mother Mary. How did Mary Magdalene truly assist Jesus in His ministry?

Wencke: She would help him with the powerful energy work that he did, as his tower of strength behind him. She also knew how to administer the “Journey of Osiris”, the powerful initiation where you travel between the dimensions. She knew how to follow people through their journey and how to call them back to life. It seems like several of his closest disciples were allowed that experience. Lazarus is a good example. I’m sure she continued doing the daily rituals she needed to stay plugged in and grounded. This was also a way to protect him. Magdala means tower. She was a tower of wisdom and strength and worked somewhat behind the scenes, but with incredible power.

Lyna: Was there one practice or principle that She always suggested to those who came to Her?

Wencke: Live in integrity. Your daily choices build the framework of your life. If you build with crooked materials, your house will not stand up, and your body will not be able to handle more powerful surges of energy going through you. If you want to work with powerful energy, you must have a clean enough vessel to work with or it will be dangerous for yourself and your work.

Lyna: What advice would Mary Magdalene offer to modern-day couples?

Wencke: To honor each other as the embodiment of the male and female side of God. To understand that the sexual union between them is one of the most powerful energy surges we can experience, and that if it is enveloped in love, we are building the Love of God on earth. Lovemaking is fusing spirit and matter in the most profound way we possibly can. The angels rejoice with us and we create fireworks in Heaven. Remember this.

Lyna: What is the piece of wisdom that women need to keep within their heart during these particular times?

Wencke: Women need to know how powerful they are. We need female power now. Women make choices based on what works, not on ideology. Female power is practical and heart based. Peace on Earth will come from that. But to get there, we have to get out of the humble way of presenting ourselves. Unless we, like Mary Magdalene, know how to affect the situation silently by inspiring the forces at hand to work for good. There is a development from good intentions, to loving everything, to bring power to love. They’re all good, we need all of them.

Lyna: A friend asked me where she should start to heal her Sacred Feminine. Where would you suggest she start from the Magdalene perspective?

Wencke: Start with cleaning up your life. Take an inventory of who needs to be forgiven, where do you need to show more gratitude, who in your life can you love more. Then learn to love yourself with your history and your faults. Consciously train yourself to choose love over fear. Find a meditation technique that gives you the experience of visiting the field of all possibilities, a journey inside that makes you feel that you are the universe. I recommend TM, but find your own way. Then start a small ritual every night. It will plug you into the bigger picture. A small medicine wheel with a rock for North, a candle for South, incense for East and water for West. Use a small table and move around in a circle as you honor the different directions and what they represent. Visualize it as a 3D sundial with an arrow in the middle. North is the tip of the arrow, giving direction for our lives. South is the power that makes the arrow move, the fire giving movement. This is the male principle. West is what we always move away from, the way the earth moves, it is where we bury our dead and cleanse everything. East is what we always move towards, what is always the new dawn, and what brings us new inspiration, the way the earth moves. This is the female principle. Ponder this over some time, and after a while you will feel it in your body.

Lyna: I would love for you to share freely on Mary Magdalene. Is there anything else you feel is important for us to be made aware of?

Wencke: Her teachings were very physical. Everything we come to understand, every epiphany we have, gets anchored in our physical body. It has a physical counterpart, a chemical gets released from a gland, or a nerve connection works better. When we get to higher levels of consciousness, the pineal will release a refined substance in our brain that will make it possible to understand higher truths. Our nervous system vibrates the wisdom we chose to carry as truth. You can feel it. When you take in something as truth, you feel it physically as it anchors in the body. From then on you live it and vibrate it with your energy wherever you go. Our level of consciousness functions like a lighthouse and beams what you are and what you have accomplished of spiritual understanding, to your surroundings. And when you can vibrate with the frequency of nature, the trees will bend to accommodate you and the weather will be to your liking.

Thank you Wencke for imparting your precious wisdom with all of us!


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