10 Questions to Process 2019


Art by Natalia Ramos


Having a loving, intimate, and supportive relationship with self means being closely attuned to one’s feelings, intuition, and internal reactions and their messages. The distance between ourselves and our heart is the same distance others will feel with their own heart when they are in our presence. When ones chooses to renew and nurture a loving, wise, and firm relationship with all of one’s parts, even the darkest ones, emotional freedom becomes possible upon practice of self-supportive emotional dialogue.

These questions below serve as a guiding process to know where to look and feel within yourself to look at the internal psychic and emotional knots that might have accumulated over this last year. By releasing and processing the lessons of 2019, you can start 2020 on a new level of personal power.


1. What were your top five painful experiences this year?
What was the main lesson in each of them?

2. Who have you not forgiven yet?

3. Which recurring emotional state drained your confidence?

4. Which toxic relation(s) your heart is asking you to release?

5. Which attitude toward yourself did not serve you in 2019?

6. What were your happiest experiences in 2019?
How do you need to nourish yourself to have more of these moments?

7. Which attachments (to whom) have kept your heart in fear?

8. What kept your self-esteem lower than it should have been?

9. What was the greatest source of self-esteem for you this year?

10. What does your heart want the most from you?

Download the pdf version here to do the inner work at your own discretion.

You can find more of Natalia Ramos’s gorgeous work at nataliarama.com

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